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Who we are

Design studio Pitri is based in Minsk. We specialize in professional website design, development and promotion, as well as branding and graphic design solutions for the private and public sector. Established in 2005 we have built our reputation as a strong and reliable partner. We have helped many companies in making their brands recognizable and their businesses grow. 

Working with a broad and diverse client base covering many spheres of life we always try to find unique and effective solutions that would meet our clients' requirements best and help them to accomplish their mission. We collaborate both with small and big companies, locally and internationally.

We welcome new challenges as they help us to explore our creativity and to stay open minded. Using cutting edge technologies and staying up to date is cruсial in our field that’s why we’re always open to new experiences. We really love our work and do it with genuine delight and enthusiasm.

What we do

Web Development and Programming:

    • Custom website design and coding
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Updates, redesigns

Site Hosting, Maintenance, and Optimization (SEO):

    • Massive site storage, data back-ups, viruses protection, e-mail services
    • Search Engine Optimization and web analytics

Illustrations, Flash Animation:

  • Banners, Flash animation, video ads, animated post cards for every special occasion
  • Icons, illustrations

Branding and Print Design:

  • Logo design
  • Print materials design (business cards, brochures, catalogues, folders, ets.)
  • CD Presentations
  • Package Design
  • Indoor/Outdoor Advertising Design








3D Designer Day | 03 December 2010 |

December 3rd was proclaimed the unofficial Day of all those who do 3D graphical design on professional or amateur basis.

New Year discounts for banners development | 15 November 2010 |

We're offering now 10% price reduction for banners development that will be valid till the end of December.

PITRI at V. Annual "Business Internet" Conference | 13 October 2010 |

On October 14-17 V. Annual Conference "Business Internet" will take place - the greatest event in this field in Belarus.

Programmer Day | 13 September 2010 |

In 1999 Morpheus announced "The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us". Neo struggled to break the Matrix down but he lost. Programmers have set it up and they still keep on doing it.

QA Engineer day | 09 September 2010 |

The first "bug" was found exactly 65 years ago. And today you still sometimes come across them… Sorry for that and … congratulations on your day!

Graphical Designer Day | 09 September 2010 |

Finally it’s Graphic Designer Day! Just imagine how boring life would be if it wasn’t for them! 

Redesign of website for Impremir company is over | 02 August 2010 |

In the year 2007 was built the first website for Impremir company. Since then many things have changed - new technologies have emerged, web browsers have been updated.

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